Lately something has stirred this artist into a whole new phase and this one seems relentless. She is rising up and her sound is becoming solidified. Her stories more diverse, colorful tales filled with bursts of black and white. New pieces of art entangling new stories of love, life and everything in between. Now, at almost eighteen and on the heels of her more recent "Impressions in the Sound" EP release, Casey prepares for the release of her third EP from her latest collection of writings. The EP will be titled “Moonbeams”.   It is a collection of original songs both beautiful and bold, and rich with nuances of so many influences and genres and it is the songwriter at her very best. In a recent interview she claimed that “music should be boundless” and you only have to  journey through this artist’s young rich discography to leave no doubt to her authenticity.

“Coming out of "Impressions in the Sound" I really became obsessed with the line between experimental, electronic sound and pop driven song structure. I found myself so often studying and pulling from the sounds of artists and bands that inspire me (all the way from 80s sounds like Depeche Mode, Tears for Fears and Phil Collins to the more current sounds of Kimbra, Oh Wonder, Coldplay, Adele and Rihanna) and I think in the meantime it led me to creating a record that was both colorful and genre-defying. I was so careful in this EP to pursue integrity above all else which meant stepping outside normal boundaries and trusting my craziest creative instincts. My hope for “Moonbeams” is for it to be the most honest and wholesome representation of me both as a person and as an artist in this moment of my career.”

- Casey Conroy

All of this right on time. Casey has just signed with her new label MUEZK. The label is specifically modeled and created to represent those uniquely talented creators seeking authenticity and independence in music making. It’s a new model with new metrics that allow artists to be themselves without compromise and all with customized levels of development, design and delivery. 

So this is Casey Conroy, the Maker,  the Singer, the Songwriter, and she is weaving all her stories through a new world of sonic expression. This enchanting voice is here to be true, relevant, soothing and very hard to forget. 

The Moonbeams EP is planned for release this summer and will be followed later in the year by Casey’s first full studio album.


Impressions In The Sound

by Casey Conroy





















APR 7   THU  Live at Backbooth - Doors open 8pm 37 w. Pine St. Orlando Fl

APR 21  THU  FMF - Live on Main Stage - Wall Street Plaza - 6:30pm Orlando Fl

MAY 7   SAT  Smashington Music Festival - Will’s Pub - Doors Open 7pm Orlando Fl

JULY 9  SAT  Quality Control -St. Matthew's Tavern - Winter Park FL

JULY 18 MON  Disney Springs - Waterside Stage

JULY 23 SAT  Fresh Produce Festival

JULY 31 SUN  Disney Springs - Waterside Stage

AUG 21  SUN  Disney Springs - Waterside Stage

AUG 29  MON  Disney Springs - Waterside Stage

SEPT 24 SAT  Smashington - Miami FL








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